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Live marketing is starting to become the number one choice for a lot of companies to promote their brand. There are many reasons for this, the main one being low risks and high rewards. One-to-one interactions have been proven to work time and time again and are one of the oldest forms of advertising.

Strike realizes that even with the influx of modern technological advancements, there will always be a need to humanize a brand and have the option for customers to talk to a person (not a computer) about any queries or issues they may have. Only time will tell what will be possible in the future. All we know is that Strike will be part of the evolution.

About Us

We integrate the perfect blend of personality and product specialization to fit the needs of the marketplace.

What We Do
What We Do

Strike specialize in increasing market share for our clients’ brands and we ensure we tailor our services to their needs in a face-to-face environment.

Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

With so many choices on how brands can target their customers, choosing the right marketing mix is more important than ever. That’s where Strike comes in.

How We Work
How We Work

Strike are able to provide quantifiable and visible growth for our clients, making outsourcing a more modern and effective way of promoting your business.

Our Values

Having trouble growing your brand? We’re here to help.

In a world that is dominated by digital content, brands and businesses can only achieve influence by engaging audiences in a more personalized and powerful way. At Strike, we believe in making an impact, hence our name. The specialists at our agency believe in creativity, planning, collaboration and insight-led thinking.

Piecing together a successful integrated marketing and communications strategy can be a daunting puzzle, so make it our problem. Strike is here to turn heads, we super-connect all the elements needed to amplify your brand both locally & internationally.

Our team exists to help our clients communicate innovation for branding, enhance their image and reputation, public relations, promote mission alignment and make their brand top of their market and industry. The Strike team strongly believes effective communication can drive positive change inside and outside the office.

Your goals, are our goals.

We set ourselves apart from the crowd by focusing on constant training and developing of our employees. Our belief is that this will not only increase the efficiency of our team, but will ensure the correct representation of our clients products and services.